OGM (SHE Elections)

SHE Ordinary General Meeting

What is the the OGM?

As part of its Biennial Conference, The Society for the History of Emotions (SHE) will host its Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) from 15:30-16:30pm on Thursday 1st September 2022. This meeting is used as an opportunity for the SHE Council to update society members on recent developments as well as to discuss future avenues for pursuit with regard to supporting scholarship on the study of past emotions.

Why might the OGM be important to me?

Elections to the various posts on SHE Council, which all fall vacant at the OGM, will also be held at this time. If you are interested in helping to shape the direction of future scholarship on past emotions, then please consider applying to join the SHE Council. For more information about the positions available, what these entail, and those that currently hold them, please have a look at the SHE Council page. For details of how to apply to become a Council member at the OGM in September, please see the Call for Nominations on our Events page.

Who is allowed to join the OGM?

All SHE members are welcome to join the meeting.

I am presenting at the conference online, can I still apply to join the SHE Council?

Yes! Online presenters can still apply to join the Council. Please follow the instructions on the Events page if you wish to apply for a position.