Member Documentaries/Recorded Works/Online Games


Emotions and the Zest Festival documentary. Produced by Wildvista. Featuring R. Millar, E. Reid, M. Kirkham, J. Van Gent, S. Broomhall, A. Lynch, P. McQuade, L. Currie, N. Lawford-Wolf, T. Von-Ziarno, E. von Kaschke, Jacko Whitby, Nhanda elders and community, Kalbarri District School staff and students.

The Devil’s Country, written and produced by J. F. Ruys,  directed by C. Charlton. 2018.

Old Emotions on the New Fortune Stage documentary. Produced by Wildvista.  Featuring R. S. White, S. Broomhall, C. Rawnsley, S. Chinna, R. Conkie, B. Phillips, P. Monaghan, S. Chinna, K. Prince, P. Megna, C. Wortham.

Opera Highlights documentary on productions of Passion, Lament, Glory, Orpheus and Gloria. J. W. Davidson.


The Vault online game project, collaboration by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (C. Osborn), Monkeystack and Queen Mary University of London (T. Dixon).