EHCS 5.1 (2021)

Emotions: History, Culture, Society 5.1 (2021)

Published July 2021

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Notes on Contributors v-vi.

Forum – Political Emotions and Ideological Performance

Introduction: Political Emotions and Ideological Performance. Louise D’Arcens and Lise Waldel. 1-5.

Passionate Belief: Ideology, Emotion and Terrorist Action. Debra Smith. 6-24.

Living Death: Imagined History and the Tarrant Manifesto. Max Harwood. 25-50.

The Fission of the Forbidden: The Popularity of Video Content in an Online Right-Wing Extremist Environment. Lise Waldek. 51-67.

Anger, Resentment and the Limits of Historical Narratives in Protest Politics: The Case of Early Twentieth-Century Irish Women’s Intersectional Movements. Sharon Crozier-De Rosa. 68-86.

Temporal Emotions and Historical Vulnerability: Music as a Vehicle of Ideology in Cold War Peste Noire. Louise D’Arcens. 87-102.

Emotions, Activism and Documentary Storytelling: A Biographical Production-Based Case Study. Tom Murray. 103-123.

Re-enactment and Traumatic Memory: Cinematic Ethics in The Act of Killing and S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine. Robert Sinnerbrink. 124-142.

Contesting the Political: Violence, Emotion and the Playful Subject. Peter Rogers. 143-161.


Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self by Katie Barclay (Oxford: 2021) Catherine-Rose Hailstone. 163-165.

Erasmus and Emotion,’ Special Issue, Erasmus Studies 40, no. 2 (2020), edited Kirk Essary. Stefania Salvadore. 166-168.

Practising Shame: Female Honour in Later Medieval England by Mary Catherine Flannery (Manchester: 2019) Megan Cassidy-Welch. 169-170.

Feeling and Classical Philology: Knowing Antiquity in German Scholarship, 1770-1920 by Constanze Güthenke (Cambridge: 2020) Ida Gilda Mastrorosa. 171-173.

Liturgy and the Emotions in Byzantium: Compunction and Hymnody by Andrew Mellas (Cambridge: 2020), Eduard Iricinschi. 174-177.

A History of Emotion in Western Music: A Thousand Years from Chant to Pop by Michael Spitzer (Oxford: 2020) Stephanie Rocke. 178-182.

Musical Emotions Explained: Unlocking the Secrets of Musical Affect by Patrick N. Juslin (Oxford: 2019) Stephanie Rocke. 178-182.

The Routledge Companion to Music, Mind and Well-Being, edited by Penelope Gouk, James Kennaway, Jacomien Prins, Wiebke Thormahlen (Routledge: 2019) Stephanie Rocke. 178-182.


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Cover image: ‘Occupy protestors outside London’s Royal Exchange on 12 May 2012’. The sign carried by one protestor captures the relationship between emotion and political performance, evoking the etymological link between emotion (love, hope), motion or action (breathe, create, occupy), and the idea of a movement, a body of people united by a shared transformative intent. The defiant smirk of the protestor’s Guy Fawkes / Anonymous mask is the iconic facial expression of twenty-first-century political protest. Getty Images, iStock-458669677, photo by John Gomez.

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