EHCS 4.2 (2020)

Emotions: History, Culture, Society 4.2 (2020)

Published December 2020

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Notes on Contributors v


A Strategic Compromise: Universality, Interdisciplinarity, and the Case for Modal Emotions in History of Emotion Research. Bradley J. Irish 231–251.

Erasing the Fear from the Eyes: A Micro-Narrative on Emotions in Spanish Migration to Cold-War Switzerland. Moisés Prieto 252-278.

The Currency of Innocence: Children’s ‘Emotional Capital’ in the Japanese Empire. Sabine Frühstück 279-297.

Neither Holy nor Well: Persistent Sadness in American Catholic Advice Literature. Barbara Sain 298-316.

FORUM – Entangled Histories: Medieval Gender and Emotion

Entangling Medieval Emotions and Gender in Mediterranean History. Megan Cassidy-Welch 317-326.

Visionary Masculinities: Emotion and the Experience of the Miraculous in Latin Narratives of the First Crusade. Beth C. Spacey 327-347.

Friendship and Trust Between Medieval Princes: Affective Strategies for Navigating Intercultural Difference across the Mediterranean. Tania M. Colwell 348-373.

Labours of Love: Gender, Work and Devotion in Medieval Chartres. Sarah Randles 374-398.


The Feeling Heart in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Meaning, Embodiment and Making, edited by Katie Barclay and Bronwyn Reddan (Walter de Gruyter: 2019) Dagmar Eichberger 399-401.

L’Humiliation – Droit, récits et représentations (XIIe-XXIe siècles), edited by Lucien Faggion, Christophe Regina, and Alexandra Roger (Numérique: 2019) Giovanni Tarantino 402-404.

Before Emotion: The Language of Feeling, 400-1800, edited by Juanita Feros Ruys, Michael W. Champion, Kirk Essary (Taylor and Francis: 2019) Anna Corrias 405-407.

Kindheit und Emotion: Kinder und ihre Lebenswelten in der europäischen Frühen Neuzeit, written by Claudia Jarzebowski (Walter de Gruyter: 2019) Jeroen J. H. Dekker 408-410.

Emotional Bodies: The Historical Performativity of Emotions, edited by Dolores Martín-Moruno, Beatriz Pichel (University of Illinois Press: 2019), Monique Scheer 411-412.

Emotions, Passions, and Power in Renaissance Italy: Proceedings of the International Conference Georgetown University at Villa Le Balze, 5-8 May 2012, edited by Fabrizio Ricciardelli and Andrea Zorzi (Amsterdam University Press: 2015) Ida Caiazza 413-415.

The Culture of Love in China and Europe, written by Paolo Santangelo and Gábor Boros (Brill: 2019) Wen Jin 416-417.


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