EHCS 4.1 (2020)

Emotions: History, Culture, Society 4.1 (2020)

Published September 2020

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Notes on Contributors v–vii


What is the History of Anger a History of? Thomas Dixon 1–34

Angers Past and Present. Barbara H. Rosenwein 35-38

Recognising Similarity in ‘Angers’ Across History. W. Gerrod Parrott 39–42

Muck, Mummies and Medicine: Disgust in Early Modern Science. Sarah-Maria Schober 43–65

‘Blackened face’: Emotional Community and the Hindu Nationalist Interpretation of History. Eugenia Vanina 66-90

Compassion, a Timely Feeling … Diana G. Barnes and Delia Falconer 91-108

Is Compassion an Oceanic Feeling? Steve Mentz 109-127

All the Love is on the Radio: Local Media, Cyclone Larry and an Injunction to Care. Deb Anderson 128-145

Compassion in the Garden: Radical Homemakers or Just More Women’s Work? Renée Mickelburgh 146-166

Fear and Loathing in the Anthropocene: Grief, Compassion and the Benefits of Literature. Stephen Harris 167-182

Animal-Human Compassion: Structures of Feeling in Dark Pastoral. Diana G. Barnes 183-208


Emotion and Medieval Textual Media, edited by Flannery, Mary C. (Brepols: 2018) Stephanie Trigg 209-211

Imagining the Witch: Emotions, Gender, and Selfhood in Early Modern Germany, written by Kounine, Laura. (Oxford University Press: 2018) Michaela Valente 212-213

An Early History of Compassion. Emotion and Imagination in Hellenistic Judaism, written by Mirguet, Françoise. (Cambridge University Press, 2017) Daniel Barbu 214-216

The Unruly Womb in Early Modern English Drama: Plotting Women’s Biology on the Stage, written byPotter, Ursula A. (Walter de Gruyter: 2019) Iman Sheeha 217-218

Disaster, Death and the Emotions in the Shadow of the Apocalypse, 1400–1700, edited by Spinks, Jennifer, and Charles Zika. (Palgrave Macmillan: 2016) Wolfgang Behringer 219–221

Feeling Exclusion. Religious Conflict, Exile and Emotions in Early Modern Europe, edited by Tarantino, Giovanni and Charles Zika. (Routledge: 2019) François Soyer 222–224

Loving Justice: Legal Emotions in William Blackstone’s England, written by Temple, Kathryn D. (New York University Press, 2019) Sharyn Roach Anleu 225–227

Yeni Osmanlıcılık: Hınç, Nostalji, Narsisizm (New Ottomanism: Resentment, Nostalgia, Narcissism), written by Tokdoğan, Nagehan. (Iletisim Yayinevi: 2019) Yagmur Karakaya 228-229


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