EHCS 3.1 (2019)

Emotions: History, Culture, Society 3.1 (2019)

Published June 2019

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Notes on Contributors v–vi
Publisher’s Note vii


I Second That Emotion: Modelling the Anxious Experiences of Thirteenth-Century Episcopal Office
Philippa Byrne 1–23

How Gaspara Stampa Challenged Classical Tradition and Conventional Notions of Women’s Anger
Luisanna Sardu 24–46

Electric Signals: Emotional Currents, Cultural Conduits, Social Voltage and Power Generation in Eighteenth-Century Cultural Encounters
Nicole Eustace 47–71

Fear, Empathy and Ambition: George Augustus Robinson’s Friendly Mission
Mick Warren 72–93

Inquiétude / Uneasiness: Between Mental Emotion and Bodily Sensation (Eighteenth–Twentieth Centuries)
Micheline Louis-Courvoisier 94–115

Informality: a Window on Contemporary Emotions History
Peter N. Stearns 116–35

Cow Protection, Hindu Identity and the Politics of Hurt in India, c.1890–2019
Shabnum Tejani 135–57


Histoire des émotions 1: De l’Antiquité aux Lumières, edited by Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine and Georges Vigarello (Seuil, 2016).
Daniel Eastman 159–161

Histoire des émotions 2: Des Lumières à la fin du XIXe siècle, edited by Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine and Georges Vigarello (Seuil, 2017).
Moisés Prieto 162–66

The Spirit, the Affections, and the Christian Tradition, edited by Dale M. Coulter and Amos Yong (University of Notre Dame Press, 2016).
Kirk Essary 167–68

Feeling Things: Objects and Emotions Through History, edited by Stephanie Downes, Sally Holloway and Sarah Randles (Oxford University Press, 2018).
Sasha Handley 169–71

Handbuch Literatur & Emotionen, edited by Martin von Koppenfels and Cornelia Zumbusch (de Gruyter, 2016).
Francisca Hoyer 172–73

Intimacy and Distance: Conflicting Cultures in Nineteenth-Century France, written by Philippa Lewis ( Legenda, 2017).
Paul Gibbard 174–75

Sensing the Sacred in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, edited by Robin Macdonald, Emilie K. M. Murphy and Elizabeth Swann (Routledge, 2018).
Daniela Hacke 176–79

Pathos in Late-Medieval Religious Drama and Art: A Communicative Strategy, written by Gabriella Mazzon ( Brill, 2018).
Hetta Elizabeth Howes 180–81

Fear in the Medical and Literary Imagination, Medieval to Modern: Dreadful Passions, edited by Daniel McCann and Claire McKechnie-Mason (Palgrave, 2018).
Catherine-Rose Hailstone 182–83

Misery to Mirth. Recovery from Illness in Early Modern England, written by Hannah Newton (Oxford University Press, 2018).
Ursula A. Potter 184–85


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