Current Issue 7.2 (2023)

Emotions, History, Culture, Society 7.2 (2023)

Published December 2023

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Notes on Contributors v-vi.


Restricted Access

The dolor, ira and Vengeance Cycle in Paul the Deacon’s Historia Langobardorum. Nicole Demarchi. 193-210.

‘The Zeal with which Christ was Inflamed’: The Irascible Power and Clerical Authority in the Writing of Pope Innocent III (r. 1198–1216). Kirsty Day. 211-234.

Tears and Contrition in Early Modern Iberian Inquisitorial Trials (1560–1610): A Preliminary Study. François Soyer. 235-257.

Love, Zeal and Patriotism towards the Construction of the Political Subject: Emotional Politics during the Chilean Revolution of Independence, 1808–23. Javier Sadarangani. 258-277.

The Stuff of Snuff: The Affective and Sensory Connotations of Snuffboxes in Eighteenth-Century Culture. Lisa Beaven and Matthew Martin. 278-297.

Shocked or Satiated? Managing Moral Shocks Beyond the Recruitment Stage. Corey Lee Wrenn. 298-321.

Animals, Affect and Annihilation: Campaigns against Canids in Postwar Canada. Stephanie Rutherford, Victoria Shea, and Chris Pearson. 322-347.

Book Reviews

Virtue, Emotion and Imagination in Law and Legal Reasoning edited by Amalia Amaya and Maksymilian Del Mar (London: Bloomsbury, 2020).  Francesca Alati. 349–351.

Elizabeth & John: The Macarthurs of Elizabeth Farm by Alan Atkinson (Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, 2022). Jane Lydon. 352–353.

Emotion, Mission, Architecture: Building Hospitals in Persia and British India, 1865–1914 by Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2023). Catherine-Rose Hailstone. 354–356.

They Call It Love: The Politics of Emotional Life by Alva Gotby (London: Verso, 2023), Gözde Kılıç. 357–359.

Democratic Passions: The Politics of Feeling in British Popular Radicalism, 1809–48 by Matthew Roberts (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2022). Rob Boddice. 360–361.


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