EHCS 7.1 (2023)

Emotions, History, Culture, Society 7.1 (2023)

Published June 2023

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Notes on Contributors v-vii.

SPECIAL ISSUE: Objects, Material Culture and the History of Emotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.


Introduction: –Objects, Material Culture and the History of Emotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Stephanie Trigg and Anna Welch. 1-8.

Ugly Book Feelings: Materiality and Negative Affect in Late Medieval Women’s Writing. Stephanie Downes and Stephanie Trigg. 9-29.

The Dangers of Desire: Medieval Franciscans as Book Owners. Anna Welch. 30–51.

The Treasury Image of Mariazell: The Materialisation of Hope, Assurance and Security. Charles Zika. 52-75.

A Sight Full of Woe: The Cecil Family and Their Monuments c.1580-1620. Peter Sherlock. 76-94.

The Stuff of Snuff: The Affective and Sensory Connotations of Snuffboxes in Eighteenth-Century Culture. Lisa Beaven and Matthew Martin. 95-118.

Hedgerow Poiesis. Anke Bernau. 119-144.

Objects of the Anthropocene: Mapping Material-Emotional Culture from Human Beginnings to the End Times. Paul James and Timothy Erik Strom. 145-170.

Book Reviews

The Briny South: Displacement and Sentiment in the Indian Ocean World by Nienke Boer. (North Carolina, 2023). Jared Asser. 171–173.

Affective Geographies: Cervantes, Emotion, and the Literary Mediterranean by Paul Michael Johnson. (Toronto 2021). Eduardo Guerrero. 174–177.

Arc of Feeling: The History of Swing by Javier Moscoso (London, 2023). Tiffany Hoffman. 178–181.

Exploring the Translatability of Emotions: Cross-Cultural and Transdisciplinary Encounters edited by Susan Petrilli and Meng Ji. (Switzerland, 2022). Yanjn Liu. 182–184.

Hope. A Literary History by Adam Potkay. (Cambridge, 2022). Charles Zika. 185-186.

Affect, Emotion, and Subjectivity in Early Modern Muslim Empires: New Studies in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Art and Culture edited by Kishwar Rizvi. (Leiden, 2017). Marika Sardar. 187–189.

The Sound of Architecture: Acoustic Atmosphere in Place edited by Angeliki Sioli and Elisavet Kiourtsoglou. (Leuven, 2022). Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi. 190–192.


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Cover image:

Louis Roucel, Madame du Deffand’s Snuff Box with Portrait of Tonton, c. 1777, 3 cm high,
diameter 7 cm, silver over brass with a portrait in wax of Madame du Deffand’s dog, Tonton.
Photo courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.

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