EHCS 6.2 (2022)

Emotions, History, Culture, Society 6.2 (2022)

Published December 2022

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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors v-vi

Forum – Emotions and Mobilities: Gendered, Temporal, and Spatial Representations


Introduction to the Special Issue: Emotions and Mobilities: Gendered, Temporal, and Spatial Representations. Marianela Barrios Aquinos, Nicola J. C. Chanamuto, and Anastasia Christou. 201-215.

Theorising Affective Habitus in Historical Geographies of Mobilities: Unfolding Spatio-Temporal Modalities. Anastasia Christou. 215-36.

Yound People in the Greek, Jewish, and Palestinian Diaspora: Emotional Attachments to Multiple Homelands. Elizabeth Mavroudi and Cintia Silva Huxta. 237-56.

The Emotional (Un)making of the Family in Cross-European Parent-Child Relations. Segei Shubin. 257-75.

Weaving Emotions, Transforming Families: Gendered Power Relations in Filipino Migrant Family Reunification Experiences. Justine Grace N. Abrugena. 276-95.

Affective Citizenship in Brexit Britain: EU Citizens’ Responses to Emotional Governance. Marianela Barrios Aquinos. 296-313.

Understanding the Hidden Emotional Labour of Migrant Women Doing Domestic Cleaning Work in England. Nicola J. C. Chanamuto. 314-33.

Becoming Respectable: Material, Symbolic, and Emotional Aspects of Hospital Cleaning Work. Nefeli Stoumara. 333-57.


Les émotions en scène (xviie-xxie siècle) edited by Sabine Chaouche and Laurence Marie (2021). J. F. Bernard. 359-61.

Romantic Pasts: History, Fiction, and Feeling in Britain, 1790-1850 by Porscha Fermenis (Edinburgh: 2022). Grace Moore. 362-64.

Changing Hearts: Performing Jesuit Emotions Between Europe, Asia, and the Americas edited by Raphaële Garrod and Yasmin Haskell (Leiden: 2019) Sabina Pavone. 365-67.

The Ancient Emotion of Disgust edited by Donald Lateiner and Dēmos G. Spatharas (Oxford: 2017) Caroline Richard. 368-69.

The Women Are Up to Something: How Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley, and Iris Murdoch Revolutionized Ethics by Benjamin J. Bruxvoort Lipscomb (Oxford, 2021) Sharon Crozier-De Rosa. 370-72.

Enthusiasm: Emotional Practices of Conviction in Modern Germany by Monique Sheer (Oxford: 2021) Ben Gook. 373-75.

Abject Joy: Paul, Prison, and the Art of Making Do by Ryan S. Schellenberg (Oxford: 2021) David Konstan. 376-79.

Forms of Emotion: Human to Nonhuman in Drama, Theatre and Contemporary Performance by Peta Tait (London: 2022) Daniel Johnston. 380-82.


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