SHE Council

SHE is managed by an elected Council. All Council positions fall open our next Ordinary General Meeting. This will be held during the SHE Conference 2023 in Adelaide (Australia).

The 2023 Council positions are held by:

  • Chair: Charles Zika (The University of Melbourne)
  • Secretary: Tiffany Hoffman (University of Toronto, CRRS)
  • Treasurer: Michael Barbezat (Australian Catholic University)
  • Administrative Officer (Honorary): Katrina Tap (The University of Western Australia)
  • Communications Officer (Honorary): Catherine-Rose Hailstone (Durham University)
  • Postgraduate Representatives: Jenny Davis Barnett (The University of Queensland); Hailey O’Harrow (University of St Andrews)
  • Journal Editors: Katie Barclay (The University of Adelaide), Giovanni Tarantino (University of Florence/COST Action PIMo), Kathryn De Luna (Georgetown University)
  • Book Review Editors: Angela Harris (Durham University), Tiffany Hoffman (University of Toronto, CRRS)
  • Ordinary members: Melissa Black (The University of Western Australia), Bradley Irish (Arizona State University), Rob Boddice (Tampere University), Kirk Essary (The University of Western Australia), Robyn Heckenberg (Curtin University), Andrew Lynch (The University of Western Australia), Dolores Martin Moruno (University of Geneva), Javier Moscoso (Institute of History Spanish Council for Scientific Research), Pilar Osorio (Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administracion Columbia), Jacqueline Van Gent (The University of Western Australia), Cecilia White (University of New South Wales).

Foundation members (former)

Jacqueline Van Gent (The University of Western Australia: Chair 2017–2021), Susan Broomhall (The University of Western Australia: Ordinary Member 2017–2018); Ute Frevert (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin: Ordinary Member 2017–2019); Jakelin Troy (The University of Sydney: Ordinary Member 2017–2019); Paul Yachnin (McGill University: Ordinary Member 2017); Susan Matt (Weber State University: Ordinary Member 2017–2021), Joanne McEwan (The University of Western Australia: Secretary 2017–2018); Erika von Kaschke (The University of Western Australia: Communications Officer 2017–2018); Rachel Allerton (Macquarie University, NSW: Postgraduate Representative 2017–2018); Jennifer Jorm (The University of Queensland: Postgraduate Representative 2017–2018); Tanya Tuffrey (The University of Western Australia: Treasurer 2017–2019), Andrew Lynch (The University of Western Australia: Journal Editor 2017–2021).

Council members (former)

Hailey O’Harrow Ogle (St Andrews Centre for Mediaeval Studies: Postgraduate Representative ), Piroska Nagy (Université du Québec à Montréal: Ordinary Member), Carly Osborn (University of Divinity: Ordinary Member), Matthew Roberts (Sheffield Hallam University: Ordinary Member), Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University of London: Ordinary Member), Peter Stearns (George Mason University: Ordinary Member), Stephanie Trigg (The University of Melbourne: Ordinary Member)

2019 Conference Convenor Representative: Kathryn Prince (The University of Western Australia)

2022 Conference Convenor Representative: Giovanni Tarantino (The University of Florence)

2023 Conference Convenor Representative: Katie Barclay (The University of Adelaide)